Jason D. Rowley

Jason Rowley comes to GTC with over six years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and community builder. Jason loves to help entrepreneurs with design, story-telling, and product strategy. He studies the role of networks in determining success for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists at the University of Chicago.

Catherine Yushina

Catherine Yushina is a researcher, coordinator and entrepreneur who helps to manage outreach and operations for the Global Technology ecosystem. Catherine is passionate about helping startups and connecting Silicon Valley’s best entrepreneurs and speakers to the Global Technology ecosystem. She holds a Masters in International Relations¬†from Moscow State University.

Alexandra Johnson

Alexandra “Sasha” Johnson is a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist, connector and founder of the Global Technology ecosystem. She has run the Global Technology Symposium, one of the Valley’s most exclusive conferences for top investors and entrepreneurs from around the world, since 2003. Sasha is adept at growing startups into thriving companies through her leadership and […]